Amber care instructions


Here it is in our hands – stunning small piece of the sun – amber, polished and warm semi-precious stone with all the shades of honey color. This stone will please you for a long time if you do not forget few rules of taking care after it. Following the rules you will keep glittering and nice look of all amber items. Amber is recommended to keep in jewellery boxes or solid boxes. 

Put amber jewellery far from perfumes. If essential oil or a drop of perfume gets on the stone, there can appear the spots or blotchiness. Other chemical elements influence badly on amber including soap solutions. That is why wash amber items only with pure water and then wipe them with a soft cloth.

Polished amber likes to be disposed on the sun: this is a natural stone, its color is sunny and golden. Take amber jewellery outside to the sun, the stone will acquire magic color. However do not put it under direct sun rays because it can lose its brightness. If, despite of all rules, amber lost its glittering effect, became dark, scratched, it is necessary to polish it. Put a little bit of paraffin and tooth-powder (but not paste!) on flannel cloth and grind everything to a smooth paste. Polish carefully the scratched or slightly acetified surface and remove the rest of polishing paste with any cloth. Again wipe the surface with dry flannel cloth but this time without using the paste. Now your amber should glitter once again pleasing your eye.