Design Process
Design Process

Tavolini parquet flooring is an embodiment of the best traditions of Italian design, where there is a delicate entwinement of age-old history of Italian art and the modern perception of interior space.


Behind the naturally elegant forms of highly artistic parquet flooring, there hides deep philosophy — the philosophy of embracement of freedom, as the absence of restrictions; simplicity, as the purity of lines; perfection, as the general harmony.


Owing to the great skills and long-term experience of the company's experts, their parquet flooring is distinguished with its magnificent execution and the careful working-out of the smallest details, emphasizing the philosophical approach of modern design, where each element is a true work of art.


Exactly for this reason, the faultless form of design of parquet flooring easily reveals its perfect content — the magnificence of living wood.


The collection of Tavolini parquet flooring embodies a tremendous variety of stylistic decisions — beginning with minimalism, presented by classical parquet flooring and parquet block-flooring, up to magnificent palace parquet cloths.


It had already become a sign of taste and status, this parquet has its unique face, history, sense, it is charged by energy of the masters’ hands. Its production is a complicated work which could be compared to the jeweler’s work. One of the most important things is that our product is hand-made.


Tavolini’s portfolio includes the works from historical museums, banks, embassies and private cottages. The unique style of this parquet could be noticed in any place it is laid.