Care Instructions

Guidelines for floor covering with lacquer coating.

Primary care. The first and the principal term of taking care of the floor is strict following of temperature and humidity rule (air temperature is within 18-22° C when air humidity is 45-60%). Parquet covered by lacquer does not like excess of humidity and dryness. It is recommended to use air humidifier to keep the air humid especially during heating season.

Common care. It is practical to stick special felt pads on the legs of chairs, tables and armchairs or it can be used the rollers from soft rubber or special transparent plastic carpets.

Regular care. Ultimately, remove the dust or dirt using vacuum cleaner. Current cleaning can be done with a soft brush. Use special cleaners for lacquer parquet (some of them are concentrated and should be mixed with water and others are overspray ready to use).

Intensive care. Protective covering should be done occasionally. There can be used spray-polish that contains wax, or other solutions that are similar to highly concentrated lacquer. The board can be processed by special refreshing solution to remove the spots or to make it shiny. Use spray-lacquer to polish the local spots on parquet boards.

Renewal. Parquet is polished and covered by lacquer once in 10-15 years (frequency depends on rate of exploitation). No need to wait when it will be seen the wood as it can darken and start rotting. Small defects can be polished with abrasive paper then stopped and covered by lacquer, repaired parts will differ by color from the old parquet, that is why it is better to renew the parquet completely.

Guidelines for floor covering with wax oil coating.

Primary care. Lying of parquet floor starts when heating and ventilation systems are already working and there is necessary level of humidity (ideal microclimate is within 18-22° C of air temperature when air humidity is 45-60%).

Common care. Protection of parquet from mechanical effects while cleaning and exploiting it, is extremely important. It is enough to fix special pads on the legs of furniture as well as carpets on the entrance to collect dust and dirt.

Regular care. Cleaning of the floor is recommended to do with vacuum cleaner or using special concentrate solution for regular wood care in case of wet cleaning. Excess of water is unacceptable. Very dirty places can be cleaned only with solutions used for protective decorative floor covering (except for dishwashing liquids, paint movers, alcohol, gasoline, etc.). Solution for final treatment of floors with wax and oil coating will help to keep silky and mat surface for a long time (add it to water every fifth time when cleaning).

Intensive care. Use special solution for cleaning the wood covered by wax oil coating to remove obstinate stains. Regularly wipe the places that are affected the most.

Renewal. The floor can be easily renewed with the help of oil with hard wax after some time of high usage. Oil with hard wax can be applied with thin layer only on separate damaged parts of the floor. However renewed parts will not differ from the rest surface.