Care Instructions

We would really like the furniture of the Emelyanov and Sons Amber-Redwood Manufactory to serve you for many years; that is why we would like to draw your attention to the fact that amber and wood used in the production of our articles are natural materials and any change in the surrounding environment can result in changes in the articles.

The period within which the articles maintain their beauty and good repair depends, to a great extent, on the conditions of their use; that is why we strongly recommend you to observe the following practical suggestions. Use the articles of the manufactory only for their intended purpose depending on the kind of the product.


Avoid exposure of articles to direct sunlight. Prolonged direct exposure to light can cause some areas of the article to lose their color characteristics compared to other areas that have had less light exposure.


High level of heat or cold as well as sudden temperature differentials can seriously damage your article or its parts. Articles should not be placed closer than 1 meter to the source of heat. Do not place the article near or opposite radiators since it can impair its state and exterior appearance as well as cause shrinkage of wood. It is also not recommended to use the manufactory's articles in close proximity to fireplaces and stoves. The recommended air temperature for keeping and/or using articles ranges from 15 to 25°C.


The recommended humidity of the article's location is > 40%. It is inadvisable to maintain for a long period of time conditions of extreme humidity or drought in the room, and all the more so their recurrent change.

The articles' surfaces should always be kept dry. In case of liquid getting onto an article's surface, it is recommended to immediately wipe it off with a dry cloth.


The surfaces of the articles' parts should be wiped with a soft cloth (flannel, woolen cloth, plush, muslin).

It is advisable to clean any part of the articles immediately after it gets dirty. It is recommended to use a small amount of water with a neutral detergent (eg, 2% of detergent per 98% of water).

On completion of any cleaning, it is necessary to dry (wipe dry) all the parts that have been exposed to wet cleaning.

Avoid the articles contacting with aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, dissolvents, etc.), products containing such liquids or their fumes. Such substances and compounds are chemically active. A reaction with them will entail negative consequences for your property or even health. It is also advisable to remember that some specific washing (cleansing) compositions may contain a high concentration of aggressive chemical agents and (or) abrasive compositions. Application of such detergents is inadmissible.