For manufacture of all our products we use only precious woods from all over the world. Karelian birch, being presented in the Red Book, is elite wood specie which attained the world fame due to its inimitable beauty and rarity. The origin of amboyna, one of the most expensive wood species in the world, is Indonesia. Wenge, a favorite tree of Indian maharajas in ancient times, is delivered from Southeastern Asia. Exotic African species such as Bubinga, Zebrano, Sapele and other redwood types impress with their ornamental potential and harmoniously complement amber in the decor of art objects. With its picturesque grain, tineo wood is transported from Chile, whereas chocolate-brown nutwood with its unsurpassed grain and internal play of light is shipped from North America. Bog oak occupies a special place among fine woods as it is the rarest wood, precious material, every cell and noble silvery fiber of which is breathing with History. Due to hundreds and thousands of years being at the bottom of water basins its solidity increased largely and its unique texture got color variances from smoky, pale-yellow to deep black shades. For manufacture are used only selected specimens of bog wood aged, as a rule, from 2000 to 7000 years.

This extraordinary relict material is known as “bog oak” or “ironwood”. The rivers alongside which oak woods were situated were changing their beds in the course of time. As the land was being washed away, the trees were subsiding to the river bottom. Centuries of being there changed the wood drastically – it became saturated with metal salts; its solidity increased largely and its color was getting darker and darker. Thus, the oak trunks lost their wood properties and acquired new ones that made them close to minerals.

At all times, articles manufactured from bog oak have been rare, commonly one-of-a-kind, and nowadays many of them are exhibited in museums.



An amazing combination of two natural materials –wood and amber, has an inimitable beauty and uniqueness. Each of the duet components is unique in its own way. Our products are encrusted with amber according to mosaic method which involves the amber richly varying in color and natural shapes as well as brand-name methods, which ensure a centuries-long cohesion between the Baltic gem and the backing made from the precious wood. This original technique is named after the place where it was devised - the KOVROVO MOSAIC. The secret composition used in manufacturing is know-how of the company being thoroughly secured. There are no analogues in the world to such Technological process – combination of amber and wood.


Design-studio of the enterprise has its unique design language, its own style, which cannot be confused with any other one. Due to this our elite furniture and accessory sets are unique artworks having an eye-pleasing shape and deep philosophical meaning as well.


The majority of works with amber and wood is handmade as in every single case artists deal with unique materials. We create art objects that organically enrich the treasure house of the world’s artistic heritage. These unique items not only adorn exquisite interior decorations all over the world and delight their owners, but also stand out in museum and private collections.